' The Hands become really beautiful.'
The Montessori Classroom for the Early Years

Children up to the age of six are natural explorers with all their senses. Everything in this world is made of colour, shape, texture, smell, temperature, and the Montessori classroom not only allows the child to use all their senses, but gently guides the child in refining their senses to become aware of the details which make the world so much more exciting. Montessori writes: To have educated senses is to perceive the beauty in the enviornment. When you are aware of these delicate differences, the whole world is more fascinating. You can see more than you ever saw before! You are interested in so much more!

Children have the urge to manipulate objects with their hands. The children's hands are the direct connection to their brain - the richer the experiences for the hand, the deeper the understanding of the world. A Montessori classroom therefore is a constant invitation to the hands: touch me, move me, explore me. The concept of learning from experience is implemented into all areas of the curriculum. Movement is the essence of learning - no learning will ever be achieved by talking or presenting abstract concepts or work sheets.

'Children of different ages play together exceptionally well, as their considerate behaviour and caring attitudes show.'

The Rose House Montessori curriculum for the early years follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which sets statutory standards on how and what every child will be learning to support their healthy development.

The EYFS at Rose House Montessoriplease click hereplease click on the logo

Step by step, each child will be introduced to hands-on activities which cover all the principles, themes and aspects of the Early Learning Goals set out by the Government Department of Education (please click on the Rose House icon to read more about each area):

The Prime Areas

  • Personal,Social and Emotional Development please click here
  • Physical Development please click here
  • Communication and Languageplease click here

The Specific Areas

  • Literacy please click here
  • Mathematicsplease click here
  • Understanding the World please click here
  • Expressive Arts and Designplease click here

'Warm and positive relationships instil children with a strong sense of security and belonging. Staff are highly sensitive to children's individual needs and interests. They are quick to provide extra help or reassurance when children need it. As a result, children develop into confident and inquisitive learners who are keen to explore the activities and resources on offer.'