School Community

Rose House Montessori School has a vibrant school community which gives all our families many opportunities to be part of their child's education and to bring aspects of the Montessori respect for children into their family life.

Key Teacher
At the centre of our partnership with parents is the key teacher as the first point of contact for parents. Each child has a secure personal website, allowing parents to access photos and observation of their child's development, words, creations and interests at any time. While all teachers document all children's learning and establish close and caring relationships with all children, your child's key teacher will gather all this information and make sure your child is carefully guided in their development and learning through introduction to activities which support their natural development.

Observation sessions
Seeing your child in the clasroom environment, engaging with the materials and playing with their friends, is a beautiful experience which we offer to all our parents. Parents may decide to observe spontaniously or book an observation session at least once a tem, which also gives them the opportunity to discuss their child's interests and development with the key person.

Parent Community
Through the school's electronic communication system Transparent Classroom parents have the opportunity to connect with each other and create opportunities for families to come together outside of the school routines. In previous years parents have organised family walks, camping trips and summer Parties.
The school also supports parent coffee mornings, allowing parents and carers to gather in an informal atmosphere.

Community Events
The school community comes together every year for a summer and Christmas event; children prepare a show for the parents and the community gathers for a party on the schoool grounds. All parents and carers are invited to a yearly parents evenings which focus on different aspects of the school life. The school also has a variety of books and magazines available for parents - these can be accessed via the schooloffice.