Welcome to Rose House Montessori School

Founded in 2005 as a Montessori Pre-School , today Rose House Montessori School offers mixed aged, beautiful pre-prep and prep school environments for children aged two to eleven years old.

'The school is fantastic, with amazing teachers and a beautiful classroom. My child absolutely loves the activities and the Montessori method of having independence, freedom of choice and social skills, which my child has built-in confidence. The teachers are wonderful and give the utmost respect, care and kindness to the children’s following their individual needs.' Parent Review - Please click here for me reviews please click on the logo

The Montessori Children's House Communities (Children aged 2 ˝ years to 6 years)

Our Montessori Children's House gives our children the unique opportunity to explore the entire Montessori Curriculum for the 2.5 to 6 year old child. In an environment that offers freedom within boundaries, each child is guided through the hands-on Montessori curriculum which offers a wealth of practical activities and sensorial materials.

Each material is designed to help the child develop all essential life skills such as coordination, concentration and sense of order. All these lay an invaluable foundation for the child's character development and academic progress.

Because the Montessori activities are so attractive and call to the child's desire to explore everything through their senses, children naturally enjoy learning within all areas of maths, literacy, sciences as well as cultural exploration.

Within the Children's House, using hands-on materials, children gradually learn to write, read and work with all basic mathematical concepts.

The Montessori Elementary Class (Children aged 6 to 11 years)

The Montessori Elementary Community offers a specially designed environment for the 6 to 11 year old child. Our beautiful, warm and carefully prepared classroom welcomes children with activities on low level shelves which invite your child to learn through hands-on materials, allowing learning through physical manipulation. This will give your child a deeply rooted understanding of academic concepts before gradually giving way to developing the use of abstract thought, reasoning and learning.

Following their own individual learning plan, with English and Maths being the core curriculum areas, each child negotiates with the teacher how they access all the hands-on materials and achieve the stepping stones of the Montessori Elementary curriculum, which is broadly congruent with the National Curriculum.